Shopper Leakage Analysis

Identify where you lose shoppers, why they are buying those categories at another retailer and uncover strategies to win them back.


Leakage Analysis Report

Leakage Analysis Report

Business Questions Answered

  • Are shoppers buying my brand at my preferred retailers, or somewhere else?

  • Which retailers are doing the best job of converting a category's shoppers into category buyers?

  • Which retailers are losing category dollar volume to other retailers, and to what other retailers are those "leaked” category dollars going?

  • Is a retailer's category leakage the result of shoppers buying the category elsewhere, or simply buying less of the category overall?

  • Of the product selected, what are the top items purchased at a specific retailer?

  • Are particular shopper groups or demographic groups driving category dollar conversion or "leakage" (dollar loss) at a particular retailer?

Key Metrics

  • Leakage tree diagram

  • Stores shopped

  • Top items


Starting $5,850 +GST



Uno Insights data come from our National Receipt Panel that is based on a sample of over 350,000 receipts.

This means everyone who responded to your questions have an actual verified purchase. Our panel brings your insights closer to the purchase decision, allowing you to effectively target your questions to the exact shopper making the purchase.


More about our Leakage Analysis Report


Tree Diagram

View the breakdown of Closed vs. Leaked Shoppers, as well as Share of Wallet for Closers

Includes: % of Households, Change vs. Year Ago (YaG), % of Spend, Projected $ Value


Stores Shopped

See which stores are shopped by Closers and Non-Closers

Includes: Share of Wallet, Share of Trips, Units Per Trip, Purchase Frequency, Spend per Trip, and Unit Price


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