Our Retailer Reports

Shopper Profile

Understand who, when & what people are buying from a particular retailer.

Business Questions

  • Who are my shoppers?

  • When do they shop (ToD, DoW)?

  • Where else do they go?

Share of Wallet Analysis

This report provides a scorecard view for a product/category within departments or sectors, for key competitive stores.

Business Questions

  • For which products am I gaining/losing share of wallet? Which competitors are gaining among my shopper base?

  • As a retailer, understand if I’m losing out to other competitive stores on share of wallet for a product/category/department?

  • As a retailer, in what categories am I winning, and where do I have the opportunity to build shopper loyalty?

Shopper Opinions

Deploy custom questionnaires to shoppers who have been to a specific store location and ask them anything you want to know.